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Yushu tourist guide to visit the research center 2015-06-08
2015 China Yangtze River rafting rafting launch Yushu limit Song of the Yangtze River 2015-06-08
Provincial Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Chang Hung-go Yushu tourism research 2015-05-18
Yushu Prefecture Committee, the state government invited 2015-05-18
Yushu Gov. inspections before allowing too Yushu accompanied by the deputy governor matiefeng 2015-05-18
2015 China Conference & Shanghai Automobile Exhibition driving a press conference held at the Shanghai Fashion Center 2015-05-18
Yushu travel from Chengdu 2015-05-17
CPC Yushu Zhouweishuji Wen Guodong invites and Beijing planning "new Yushu report to the motherland" documentary 2015-05-17
"Paradise Dream Yushu impression" new advertising films Yushu Tourism Culture Capital Airport in Beijing four big departure hall and arrival hall two big debut 2015-05-17
Yushu Cultural Tourism Awareness Week Opens in Beijing 2015-05-17
Beijing leaders met the Yushu government delegation 2015-05-17
Yushu travel one city and five counties of the first fine day tour OK 2015-05-17
Yushu Travel 2015-05-17
Tourism and Culture held Yushu Xian Forum 2015-05-17
Effort into 2015-05-17
Tibetan year February 22 Yushu in Qinghai Province, said the multi-county Ge Chazhuo wooden village held its altitude tsampa Festival 2015-05-17
By Yushu Prefecture Committee, appointed by the state government Yushu tourism, trade and national trade official business on behalf of the Nepalese delegation to the seminar a success 2015-05-17
China and Nepal Patan Yushu City Regional tourism cooperation agreement signed 2015-05-17
The province's tourism will be held in Xining 2015-05-17
Yushu: Promoting the leaping development of culture and tourism industry 2015-05-17
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