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Yushu: Promoting the leaping development of culture and tourism industry
Author:Yushu Travel     Date of Post:2015-05-17 17:24:40      Click Rate:965次



Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhouweishuji Wen Guodong
[Reading report]: the government work report writing style simple and pragmatic. On the government work report, Yushu will focus on several aspects to create a new situation in Yushu. Among them, including building the Three Rivers protect national ecological security barrier, and vigorously promote the healthy and rapid economic development and continuous improvement of people's livelihood and focus to do work.

   [And development]: We will actively explore the ecological protection "Yushu mode", and comprehensively promote cultural tourism Yushu leaps and bounds.
       For a time, cultural tourism will be led Yushu economic development, "leading." We look to get out of Yushu Yushu, establish the concept of a large tourism, work hard in the strong mechanism, tree brand, features, increase stamina, a strong promote cultural tourism by leaps and bounds.
Seek a breakthrough in nurturing quality tourist routes, for the opening of Diqing, red original, Kangding, Lijiang, daofu, La, Golmud route, opened up large-La, Roland area tours, and actively create "Shangri-la tourism circle", the expansion line , interconnection, tourism resource sharing and common prosperity. Build low-altitude airline states in order within the Yangtze River source, the source of the Yellow River, Lancang River source, Hoh Xil, Nangqian Grand Canyon State Key Aspect landscape, creating "a half-hour tour circle."
Seek a breakthrough in the campaign tour of visibility. Choose Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Lhasa, Xining, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other cities, to seek a breakthrough in the expansion of tourism service projects.
In creating "festival" tourism platform breakthroughs. Also, pay close attention to cultivate new business formats.


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